Early Email Notification

What is Early Email Notification?

Beginning March 1, 2005,  CMRLS will send an email to you three days before your library items are due.   The email will list the items and their due-dates.  Parents or guardians may have children's notices sent to their email address at work or home. 

How do I get Early Email Notification?

You may visit any CMRLS library to register for Early Email Notification.  You must have your library card with you to register.  Tell staff at the circulation desk that you would like to register and give them your email address.  It is that easy!

You may also contact your branch by email.  Click on the name of the branch  you visit most often.  Click the email address of the branch to send an email.  Type "Email Notification" as the subject of the email.  List your full name, library card barcode number and the email address you wish to register for notification in the body of the email.

What will Early Email Notification look like?

What should I do when I get the Early Email Notification?

You may return or renew your library items to avoid late fees after receiving the email notification.  Renewing items to extend the due date can be done at any CMRLS library, on the phone by TeleCirc, or online through Rosie's Web/Online Catalog.  You will need your library card barcode and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to renew the items.