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How Do I get a Library Card?

Apply here or in person at any CMRLS library for your library card. 

Online applicants are issued a temporary user ID allowing the user to place holds on desired items from the online catalog located at

Those registering online will receive an email the next day detailing the steps to take to activate the Permanent library card. The Temporary library card holder must visit a CMRLS library within 2 weeks or reapply for a library card online or at any CMRLS library. The Permanent library card will have full library privileges.

What Kind of ID is Accepted When Applying for a Library Card?

As proof of residence the library accepts a Mississippi driver’s license or ID as well as a utility or telephone bill with your current residential address. If these are not available, please ask a staff member about alternate ID. Date of birth is required to distinguish you from other persons with the same name. Parents registering a child under the age of eighteen (18) must show proper identification.

Applicants under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents who represent the child must have identification which meets the adult requirements for a card. Library cards are free to anyone who lives or works in Rankin, Scott, Simpson, or Smith counties. Non-resident library cards may be obtained by paying a $25.00 annual user fee.

How Do I Renew My Library Card?

All library cards will need to be renewed one year from the application date.  When your card nears the renewal date, stop by one of the CMRLS branches with your library card and identification.  Staff will verify your address and update your record to reflect any changes.  Non-resident fees must be paid at renewal.

How Many Items May I Borrow?

First time borrowers are limited to 3 items.  These items must be returned to the library before additional items may be checked out.  Patrons are limited to 4 video tape/DVDs, 10 audios/CDs (books), 4 audios/CDs (music), and 2 video games per card. Patrons may have up to 30 items checked out on their library card at one time. The items may all be books, or it can be a mixture of books and other media.

Is There Online Access?

Your bar-coded Library Card with your Personal Identification Number allows you to search the CMRLS Online Catalog, make requests, renew items, or check your patron account from any online computer. 

What If I Lose My Library Card?

A replacement card will cost $3.00. Report your lost or stolen library card to the library as soon as possible to prevent others from charging materials to your account. You are responsible for all items charged to your card until its loss is reported. Please treat you card with the same care you would a credit card.

How Long May I Keep Library Materials?

The loan period for most books and books on audio tape/CD or music on compact discs is 21 days. Bestsellers, video-tapes/DVDs, and games, 7 days; and items in high demand (items needed for classroom assignments or holiday items) have a loan period of 14 days.

How Do I Renew Materials?

Self renewal is available through the CMRLS Online Catalog, and our automated phone system, TeleCirc (601-825-5450).  You may also renew items in person or by calling any of the 20 CMRLS branches.  You must have your library card to renew items in person or by phone and also your Personal Identification Number to renew online or through TeleCirc.

Where Do I Return Borrowed Items?

All borrowed items may be returned to any of the twenty-one CMRLS branches.  Video/audio tapes, CDs, MP3s, video games, and DVDs are fragile and may not be placed in outside book drops.  Patrons are asked to return these items inside the libraries.

How Much Are Overdue Fines?

Fines for items borrowed on adult library cards are 15˘ per day and 10˘ per day when borrowed on a child's library card. Fines for videos, DVDs, video games, music CDs and InterLibrary Loan items are $1.00 per day.  Library cards may not be used when fines or fees reach $5.00.

Will the Library Hold Something for Me That Was Not on the Shelf When I Looked?

Yes.  Requests can be made for items by library staff or yourself at any online computer.  When the item comes into the branch, staff will hold it for 7 days and you will be contacted by phone, email or mailer.

What Is Early Email Notification?

CMRLS will send an email to you three days before your library items are due. The email will list the items and their due-dates. Parents or guardians may have children's notices sent to their email address at work or home. 

How Do I Access the CMRLS Databases?

CMRLS patrons have access to several FREE online databases:

  • MAGNOLIA, funded by the Mississippi Legislature, provides online research databases for publicly funded K-12 schools, public libraries, community college libraries, and university libraries in Mississippi.  Magazine and newspaper articles, as well as encyclopedias, health information, and much more is included in this collection.  MAGNOLIA may be accessed from any library computer. You will need your library card barcode number.
  • Auto Repair Reference Center - Learn to maintain your car, do minor repairs, and find out if your mechanic is on the level with you!  You will need your library card barcode number.
  • Learn A Test is an online test preparation site for 4th and 8th grade Reading and Math tests, GED, SAT, ACT, Civil Service Exam, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT,  PRAXIS, ASVAB, Firefighter, EMS, Citizenship, Microsoft Office tutorials, and many more!  Ask library staff for instructions to create a Learn A Test account.
  • AncestryLibraryEdition is a database for genealogical research.  This can only be accessed from CMRLS libraries.
  • Heritage Quest is a database for genealogical research which contains census records, Revolutionary War records, Freedman's Band records, PERSI (an index of over 1.6 million genealogical articles) and genealogical books (over 20,000 family and local histories).  This may be accessd for home.  You will need your library card barcode number.
  • CMRLS eBook Collection is a virtual reference collection that may accessed by any online computer. You will need to ask library staff for instructions to access.
  • Online Book Clubs - a choice of genre fiction, you will be emailed a chapter a day, one title per week.  If you are interested in finishing the book go on the Catalog or contact your library to request the book.  Join the online forum and discuss the book with others.
  • NextReads and Next Good Book - Readers Advisory lists by genre or subject that can be read online or emailed to you (NextReads).  Go directly to Catalog from either list to place your request.  Let us help you find your next favorite book!


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